Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Week 3: Web 1.0 vs. Web 2.0

Web 1.0
Some of the Web tools available on the net receive the name of “Web 1.0” and “Web 2.0” tools. According to Wikipedia, Web 1.0 is “a general term created to describe the web before the bursting of the dot-com bubble in 2001.” However, the key word to define these tools is “interaction.” The term “Web 1.0” is commonly associated with websites that digital citizens can visit and read but they can neither interact with other people through them nor modify their content, so they are called non-interactive websites. A good example of a Web 1.0 site could be answers.com, where net surfers can look for information, read it and use it for their own benefit but there is not direct contact between them and the site owner, and if there is any contact, it is very limited.

Web 2.0
On the other hand, the term “Web 2.0” is commonly associated with “web applications which facilitate interactive information sharing” (Wikipedia); that is to say, people can interact with other users through Web 2.0 sites with messages, emails, or chats, and they can also change the content of these websites. Some examples of Web 2.0 tools are social networking sites, such as facebook, youtube.com, wikis and blogs, among a vast number of others.

My experience in wordpress.com
I have been surfing Web 1.0 sites as well as using Web 2.0 sites for years, however, I did not have the experience of creating my own static website before, until two weeks ago when I was assigned to create my first professional website on wordpress.com for my ICT in ELT course of the Master’s. Although I was exploring a new and unknown terrain, I had fun and I found the experience of building up my own professional website very satisfying. I thank my professor and my fellow classmates/colleagues for helping me fulfilling these tasks!


  1. Dear Jackie

    I certainly enjoyed visiting your blog and checking it out.I think it is well done and quite informative I appreciated the blog archive as it helped me to follow our Digital Literacy course much better. Thank you so much for explaining about Web 1.0 and 2.0 technology.



  2. Thanks a lot, Julio, I am very happy that you could finally come back to class after being so sick. Welcome!

  3. I love your blog on Wordpress, Jackie! It is really professional. I liked the page on idioms! You worked hard on that one!